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Important Environmental Considerations- when selecting materials January 29, 2009

Identifying the Origin of a Material helps you gain valuable background knowledge and help to know what to expect during the selection process, if it’s a renew-able resource, and projected lead times.   


“Safety in use can encompass indoor air quality and emissions as well as chemical optimization to assess for human and environmental health.” Dose it emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) or does it have a low level of VOC emissions?


Product life Cycle should be a consideration as well as if the manufacture offers a take-back program.  What will happen to it at the end of life cycle is it biodegradable or recyclable, or will it end up in a landfill? 



  environmental design
  extreme performance

Low Emitting, Alternative To PVC, Useful Life, Reutilization



  environmental design
(C2C Gold certified)

Part of “the new Climatex® Lifecycle™ upholsteries (also C2C Gold) utilize new technological advancements to creating a fabrics with a luxurious hand and superior draping qualities”

  environmental design

(polyester resin panels)

60.00% PETG

Useful Life, Reutilization, Green Guard, Recycled Content, Low Emitting Reclamation Program

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Water Conservation

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The exact statistics vary but in general the consensus it that we use way too much water in an average day.  If you think about it, how many times did you brush your teeth, flush the toilet, wash the dishes and take a shower this week.  Then multiply that by the weeks in a year and by the population of the world.  Although our fresh water supply is not likely to dry up completely, it is likely to change states and become less frequent and stable as many factors can effect the water cycle such as global warming.  Water is especially wasted in public facilities as it is used for bathrooms, kitchens, heating and cooling and landscape.  As designers we can help limit the water overexposure by making smart selections in water conserving appliances, bathroom fixtures and even incorporating graywater systems. 

Posted by: Anna Pasiut
“Watersmart Guidebok.” Alliance for Water Efficiency. East Bay Municipal Utility District. 29 Jan 2009

Integration of Nature January 22, 2009

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Sustainable Health care Architecture in a book that focuses on Green and Sustainable design. By Integrating Nature  into a design helps maintain the environment, as well as, create a healthier and safer environment for the individual and the community.  Using curtain walls on the shell of a building to increases the level of available daylight is one example of Integrating Nature into a design as well as, keeping it green and sustainable.   The book provides a variety of example on green and sustainable design.  It provides information on the integrated design process,  health mission, as well as, the 4 key building strategies, which are water, energy, materials, and environmental quality, that Architects and Designers use to produce healthier and better designs for the community. 


Guenther, Robin. Sustainable Healthcare Architecture.

              Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2008 (129 – 154)

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