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Water Conservation January 29, 2009

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The exact statistics vary but in general the consensus it that we use way too much water in an average day.  If you think about it, how many times did you brush your teeth, flush the toilet, wash the dishes and take a shower this week.  Then multiply that by the weeks in a year and by the population of the world.  Although our fresh water supply is not likely to dry up completely, it is likely to change states and become less frequent and stable as many factors can effect the water cycle such as global warming.  Water is especially wasted in public facilities as it is used for bathrooms, kitchens, heating and cooling and landscape.  As designers we can help limit the water overexposure by making smart selections in water conserving appliances, bathroom fixtures and even incorporating graywater systems. 

Posted by: Anna Pasiut
“Watersmart Guidebok.” Alliance for Water Efficiency. East Bay Municipal Utility District. 29 Jan 2009

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