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V.O.C.s in Workplace Design: Environmental Issues January 28, 2009

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are harmful chemicals that are released into the air through invisible vapors.  Many typical interior materials and products that most people do not typically consider a threat are due to the amounts of VOCs they release on a daily basis.  VOCs decrease the indoor air quality and are a common cause for many illnesses.  It is important for designers to control the air in interior environments, it is nearly impossible to control exterior air conditions.  A few common interior material containing VOCs are paint, carpeting, and glues or adhesives.  All three of these materials do have alternatives with low VOC amounts.  Many manufacturers are now providing low VOC paints, and low VOC adhesive carpet and floorings. 

Posted By: Nicole Calhoun

Sources of common VOCs:

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Low VOC Paints:

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Low VOC adhesives:

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