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Third Party Certification January 28, 2009

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Third party certification is the process by which a product, process, or service is reviewed by a reputable and unbiased third party (Green Cleaning Claims and Third Party Certification).  The purpose of third party certification is to  verify that criteria, claims, and standards are being met(Green Cleaning Claims and Third Party Certification) .  Incorporating third party certification into a design project can help save time, and also adds support from a credible source.  Below are certifications relating to design development:

  • Energy Star: energy efficiency of various product types(includes small and large appliances)
  • Greenguard: tests products(bedding, paints, textiles, flooring, etc) for low chemical
  • SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative): evaluates products that use wood from sustainably managed


McFadden, Roger. “Green Cleaning Claims and Third Party Certification.” Coastwide Laboratories 2002 27 Jan 2009

Portwood, Pamela. “Sorting Out Green Certifications.” Greener Lives 2008 27 Jan 2009

Submitted by: Natalie Kosnik


One Response to “Third Party Certification”

  1. ia2studio Says:

    Good job getting right to the point.

    I would further emphasize that third party certification is one of the BEST ways to avoid “green-washing,” which is a term used to describe the promotion of products as “green” (despite usually being otherwise). Third party certifications are almost always more trustworthy than information directly from the manufacturer.

    Side note: On your in-text references, you can put the author’s name like this: (McFadden, 2007) — instead of writing out the article title in parenthesis.

    Cheers, LS

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