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Energy Star Rating – It’s sky high! (lolz) January 28, 2009

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Energy Star is a program that works with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy.  They rate products (appliances and whatnot) of how energy efficient the products are.  Thus, they are helping the average home/business owner buy products that will save them money in the long run.

Energy star products include a huge array of things including:

–          Battery Chargers

–          Washers

–          Refrigerators

–          Boilers

–          Insulation

–          Windows

–          Computers

–          Printers

–          LED Lighting

–          Vending Machines

–          Etc.

These products are in the home and in a commercial setting.  You know that a product is Energy Star approved if it has the blue Energy Star label (see below).  Energy Star also has a list of the top buildings using Energy Star.

It's only energy star rated if it has this logo on it!

It's only energy star rated if it has this logo on it!


Posted By: Greg Sikora


One Response to “Energy Star Rating – It’s sky high! (lolz)”

  1. ia2studio Says:

    Greg — Nice job. I love that you included the logo. 🙂

    It is also good that you pointed out the intersection of environmental and economic benefits.

    This is a fairly straightforward topic that falls under the category of “third party certifications.” An overview of the problem and perhaps give some statistics could be helpful here. For example, appliances don’t seem like massive energy-suckers compared to building systems, however they add up! According to the Energy Star FAQ, a residential environment can save up to 30% on energy costs by converting to Energy Star products. I would be curious to see the stats for an office with conventional versus Energy Star appliances and equipment.

    Food for thought.


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