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Energy Conservation incorporated in office design January 28, 2009

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An office design can incorporate energy conservations through lighting and water. Through lighting controls, energy use and lower LPD values can be achieved. Some of the controls that could be used would be: occupancy sensors, daylight dimming, and zone controls.

Another effective energy conservation of lighting would be reducing the amount of lighting that is in a space. Some places have extra lighting that would not be needed. To save energy, these lights could be removed, and the focus could be put on natural light.

One costly, but effective way of energy conservation would be through reuse of rainwater. Systems can be put in that will collect the rainwater and use it for the toilets when flushed.

Bonda, Penny, and Katie Sosnowchik. Sustainable Commercial Interiors. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, 2007.

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