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Businesses going green January 28, 2009

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According to the U.S. Green Building Council, “In the United States alone, buildings account for 72% electricity consumption, 38% of all carbon dioxide emissions and 136 million tons of waste output annually.” There are environmental, economic and social benefits to building green. If you are working with a skeptical client, make them feel more comfortable about building green by re-iterating the benefits are not only for the environment but for their business as well. (1) By building green the ecosystems and biodiversity of the environment are protected. This in turn helps conserve natural resources. Using renewable resources for a buildings finishes ensures longer-lasting, durable productivity leaving less of a need for improvement down the road. This cuts costs to the company. (2) Improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of a business will generate a more enjoyable work environment providing more efficient and productive employees. The hiring and firing process is not only stressful but costs companies money. (3) Most businesses are run on reputation. A company that shows interest and care in the environment will not only be associated with doing good but will also gain a better reputation and more loyal clients. No matter what the goals and principles of a particular business may be, utilizing environmental awareness and building green will have a positive effect on businesses. 


USGBC: Green Building Research. U.S. Green Building Council. 27 Jan. 2009 <;.

Shawn Calvin


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  1. ia2studio Says:

    Nice work.

    Two clarifications on number (1): a) Most green buildings as built today still have negative impacts on ecosystems, though certainly not as bad as conventional buildings. b) For renewable resources, perhaps an example would help? My impression is that renewables are not necessarily stronger or more durable than conventional finishes. In fact, many do not perform as well as their petroleum-based alternatives.


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