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Universal Kitchen Design January 22, 2009

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Kitchens are usually the heart of the home and an area in which much of a days activities take place.  To design a kitchen space that can accommodate all users, particularly those with mental and physical disabilities, there are various guidelines that need to be addressed.  For starters counter-tops and work-surfaces need to be adjustable or of various heights to provide flexibility and knee clearance at certain workstations like in sink areas is important.  Cabinets need to be designed with adjustable features such as  shelving, full-extension pull out drawers and easy to use drawer pulls.  It is essential to pay special attention to kitchen appliances as these are the main functioning tools of the space.  Things to consider when selecting appliances are the height of the appliance, how the doors open and where the controls are located.  Addressing these various design issues will ensure that the user has the best possible experience in using their space.

Posted by:  Anna Pasiut

“Universal Design In Housing.” The Center for Universal Design. January 2006. North Carolina State University. 22 Jan 2009 Pgs. 7-9

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