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Integration of Nature January 22, 2009

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Integrating Nature into a design is important and sometimes vital. However, integrating nature into Health care is important to the well-being of patients, doctors, employees, and even visitors. By incorporating nature into a design the Architect/Designer is able to improve such issues.

“To promote wellness, healthcare facilities should be designed to support patients in coping with stress. As general compass points for designers, scientific research suggests that health care environments will support coping with stress and promote wellness if they are designed to foster: 1. Sense of control; 2. Access to social support; 3. Access to positive distractions, and lack of exposure to negative distractions; A growing amount of scientific evidence suggests that nature elementsor views can be effective as stress-reducing, positive distractions that promote wellness in health care environments. “orientations as potential sources of conflict and stress in health facilities


Ulich, RS. “Effects of interior design wellness: theory and recent scientific

               research.” J Health Care Inter Des. 3(1991): 97-109.

Rana Salah


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