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Determinants of the Sit to Stand Movement January 22, 2009

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This article references the sit to stand(STS) movement and the ability of elderly citizens to be able to perform certain functions.  The article touches on the various aspects of chair features, such as arm rests, seat height, backrests, etc that may affect the ability of an elderly person to sit in a chair, and to lift themselves out of the chair.  In addition the work lists the results of various experiments that were performed in order to determine factors that influence movement on and off of a chair.  For example a higher chair seat may decrease the need for a person to reposition the body’s center of mass. (Bussmann, Hans, and Janssen 866-879)

Bussmann, Hans, Wim Janssen, and Henk Stam. “Determinants of the Sit-to-Stand Movement: A Review.” Physical Therapy 82(9)(2002): 866-879.

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