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Color for Restorative Environments: Color Use January 22, 2009

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When designing an environment for occupants with mental and physical disabilities, it is important to create feelings of healing and restoration.  One common and very versatile way to create a healing atmosphereis color.  Soft yellows create feelings of healing, blues are known to reduce blood pressure.  Doctors and physicians are often aware of what colors can help influence the healing of their patients.  The following book can be found online and has great information about color use in healthcare facilities.  I have also listed a second book which has information about basic color theory.

Piotrowski, Christine, and Elizabeth Rogers. Designing Commerical Interiors. 2. John Wiley and Sons, 2007. (244-245,

you may also want to check out: Pile, John.  Color in Interior Design.  McGraw-Hill Professional.

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