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Universal Kitchen Design-people’s aspirations January 21, 2009

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When people are mentally or physically hanidcap, accessibility is the biggest conern.  Often we get wrapped up in the way the kitchen functions we forget the main concept of our job; designing.  Handicap kitchens do need to be functional but being “stylish” is important too.  When a women had multiple sclerosis and could no longer live alone unless her kitchen could be suitably improved, her first request was a “stylish cooking space”. As designers we need to remember people’s surrondings, social postions, and values that make people’s aspirations as important as the functionl of the space.  page 4.4-4.5 (There is a search on the top which guides you to more information).


Preiser, Elaine Wolfgang F. E. “Universal Design Handbook .” McGraw-Hill Profes 2001 4.4-4.5. 20 Jan 2009 <,M1&gt;.

Jenelle Sekol


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